Saturday, February 17, 2007

A fun list

I present to you a list of fun activities which Ada (and I) have recently taken part of, in no particular order:

1) Valentine's Day - Ada got to wear her new "Baby's 1st Valentine" shirt, and Jonathan and I got a night out to the movies courtesy of Heather Ann and Chris. (Thank you!) We came home to a happy sleeping baby and a video of our babysitters swinging our daughter around in her Jolly Jumper harness as she laughs hysterically. I'm pretty sure she's going to share her parent's love of rollercoasters.

1st Valentine #2

2) Speaking of Jolly Jumper - Ada can't get enough of this new toy, and believes that her life is now complete now that she can bouncebouncebouncebounce....

Jolly Jumping

3) Aidan's birthday party- Ada's first attendance to another baby's birthday party. Aidan just turned one, and he invited all his baby friends over to his house to run havoc and play with all his toys. Ada particularly enjoyed his UltraSaucer. Please excuse the fuzzy photo, but it's a really cute one of Ada.

Too bad it's fuzzy

4) Video games - Ada enjoys watching her daddy playing video games, or rather, watching the video game itself. Lots of pretty colours and movements. She is destined to be a gamer.

My video gamers

5) Toe sucking - Look out world! Ada's mouth has found her toes! I don't have a photo of it yet, but it sure is fun!

6) Exploring in general - She has mastered the skill of reaching for anything that interests her (in other words, everything), with intentions of putting it in her mouth. I have recently tried having her watch a Baby Einstein video, but she can only take it for about 5-10 minutes before getting frustrated because she can't touch the fun things on the screen and then put them in her mouth. She prefers exploring the world hands-on. Fine with me!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Videos galore!

Alright, I promised videos, so you shall have videos. I have so many other stories to tell, but they will have to wait for the videos. We have had a busy week, which involved another train ride to London, a first time in a jolly jumper, a visit to every classroom at Byron Woods Montessori, some quality time with Granny, Papa, Aunt Sharon, Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandma Buchanan, and Great-Grandma Howard and Great-Grandpa, and so much more. And last night we celebrated Ada's five month birthday with yet another beer. This month, however, Ada is showing much more interest in her monthly beer, as can be seen here:

Ada's five month birthday

And onto the videos. The first one was taken a month ago now, but it shows how much Ada enjoys her new gymini. I would say quite a lot.

The next video is Ada showing off her motor boatin' skills, although she has lessened the amount of time spent on this fun activity recently. The sound is a little out of sync from the video, but you'll get the idea.

Next: Ada and I playing peek with a scarf. Warning: A very cute but very naked baby is shown in this video.

This one was taken at Chris and Heather Ann's place and it shows Ada playing tug of war with one of their cats, Dune. I call this one Ada vs. Dune.

This next one is pretty exciting. It shows Ada sitting up on her own (for a short time, granted). My mum just happened to be making a video of her just as she first succeeded, but you'll see her get distracted from smiling at my mum talking to her. Timber!

Okay. This last one is my absolute favourite. I guarantee that you will be watching this video many many times. I'm singing "When You're Smiling" to her (yet another 1920s song I regularly sing to her), and, well, you just have to see it. So - enjoy!