Monday, July 30, 2007

Ada... Simpson?

Thanks to this fun website:

The Simpson Movie website

I made a character for each member of our family so that we look like we belong in a Simpsons episode. Unfortunately, they do not have an option for babies, so I had to make Ada look like a young girl. And there were no baby hair options, so I had to have Ada wear a bandana. The next day I was out shopping with some of my friends and their babies, hitting the sales in The PATH, and I found a lovely little outfit (cheap! $10!) that looked very much like the outfit we put Ada in for her Simpsons avatar the day before - including a bandana! Here are the results, including ones for me and Jonathan.

Bandana girl

Friday, July 27, 2007

On The Move

Well it's been two whole months since my last entry, but I guess that's what these lovely summer days can do to a mother and daughter. She is like a completely different baby from two months ago, and I'm loving every minute of it. One of the other reasons why I haven't found the time to make an entry is because we have been putting our extra time and effort into preparing our condo for selling, and going to open houses and putting bids onto houses to buy. This child of ours has made living in our lovely (albeit tiny) condo more and more difficult. Especially now that she's crawling (full speed ahead!), and one of her favourite activities is to spread all of her toys around the house as much as possible. Now when I walk through the house it feels like an obstacle course, especially now that we have an annoying baby gate put in place to keep her from the kitchen and all those fun sharp things, poisonous bottles, and very fun cat dishes. The cats haven't figured out how to get over the gate, so now Max sits on one side with a sad face, and occasionally meOWs pathetically. Calvin just sees it as a good excuse to go onto the counter where he knows he's not allowed to go. Some days I feel like I have three kids - two of them orange and furry.

We've had no luck finding a house, thanks to Toronto's bidding wars and the frantic buyers bidding up to $100,000 more than the asking price. We're going to try again in the fall, and we'll have to survive in our increasingly shrinking condo until then.

Ada is becoming quite the little character these days. She is happy now that she is mobile, but usually doesn't find crawling quite.... thrilling enough. She still wants to be running around with the toddlers, but she gets so excited when she's on her feet that she will go head first into wherever she's going, resulting with an unhappy baby on the floor again. She is so impatient in her need to walk, I fear it's slowing her down. To be honest, I'm in no hurry for her to be walking - I will never be able to relax. She'll be running around non-stop. At least now I can (somewhat) control where she goes.

Our recent main activites have generally been involving the outdoors. Even with 60SPF sunscreen, Ada is sporting a lovely tan (including a sandle tan!). We have had many trips to Centre Island, found many exciting public parks with baby swings and wading pools, regularly go to the beach, take trips to the farm, go to Blue Jays games, and when it's raining we go to the mall, coffee shops, or our condo's pool to splash about. Well, in Ada's case, SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH about. We're getting really close with a group of friends that we've gotten to know through the Toronto City New and Expecting Moms Meetup group. It's great having a bunch of moms with babies all around the same age to share our summer with.

I think the quickest way to update everyone on Ada's current status is by list form. Here is The Ada Update:

Age: almost 11 months.

Height: I'll have to get back to you on that, but VERY TALL for her age.

Weight: Again, I don't know the exact number. I'll know that after her 1 year doctor's appointment.

Number of teeth: Two on her bottom, and two on the top left just coming through, and I'm pretty sure the other two on the right are right behind. Let's just say it's been a tough few days for Ada.

Words: Nothing official, but baby babbles non-stop. I'm pretty sure she's said "mama", "dada", "dog", and "cat", but only a couple of time each.

Signs: She definitely recognizes the signs for food, more, milk, and bath, and she does the sign for dog most times she sees a dog. Very exciting!

Foods: She will eat just about anything I offer her, except when her teething is really bad. She loves her grub! Especailly fruits. She's enjoying her finger foods right now, like blueberries, grapes, cooked apples,tofu cubes, cheese cubes, crackers... She's a good eater.

Favourite activities: All of the things I listed above, especially water related activities. She also loves books. She will go to her book shelf, pull out her favourite books, and go through them while babbling to herself. And balls. Anything round, and Ada is a fan. Recently she has been enjoying a lemon and a lime which she rolls around and chases. She loves clacking toys together, clapping her hands, blowing raspberries, wrestling with mama and dada, pointing at things that interest her (usually lights, dogs, birds, other babies), and generally getting into no good.

Sleeping: She was officially sleeping though the night until recently, but I think it's her teeth. Hopefully that changes soon. :)

I think that covers most of it. Hopefully I can keep up with these posts so I don't have so much to update, and I can concentrate on stories. Please check out my Flickr page (on the left) for recent birthday beer photos and other pictures of her out and about. Next time I'll add some vidoes of her crawling around at full speed and reading books to herself in her very cute way.

Close up!