Monday, November 12, 2007

Chatty girl

We have temporarily lost the ability to put the pictures from our camera onto the computer. In the flurry of cleaning and de-cluttering our condo in the preparation for selling, we conveniently tidied the cord that connects the camera to the computer into a safe spot which we can no longer remember. So I have a whole bunch of cute pictures and videos that are sitting in the memory card patiently waiting to be shown to the world, but they will have to wait a little longer. I had started to post pictures of the inside of our new house, but I decided against it because it was really just pictures of the past owner's junk and messy lifestyle. They didn't really show what it was really like. I'll wait once we've moved in.

Back when we started taking the Wee Hands course, we had a lot of interest in how it would be. I have to say, it was well worth it. Ada now has about 12 signs that she regularly uses - more, ball, cheese, cracker, milk, dog, cat, bath, music, change (her diaper), finished/all done, and sleep - and she's picking up on new ones all the time. It takes away so much of her frustration - she can usually tell me exactly what she's wanting/needing. And she's learning new words all the time, too. Although, most of the are just part of the word, but she's getting more of it over time. It's so exciting. She loves to babble about everything around her. When I'm pushing her in her stroller she's looking around pointing out things she likes and calling out and/or signing words she knows when she sees them. And looking at books is a favourite activity, especially now that she is able to point at almost anything that I ask her to find on the page. She's the cutest little sponge I know. :)

We went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with Chris, Pam and Ethan yesterday (pictures to come), and Ada was so excited about being able to say "baa baa!" to real sheep and "moo!" to real cows. My favourite part: I was asking her to point out the different animals at the petting zoo, and when I asked her to point at the llama, she pointed at me! (llama rhymes with mama, I guess). :) Ada and Ethan had a great time. And we've been trying out a lot of different indoor activities recently (in preparation for the long cold winter) and have found some indoor playgrounds that she has really enjoyed. Her walking has significantly improved, and now she's getting a hang of running, too. But her current favourite activity is shoes. She loves going into the cupboard where all of our shoes are and spreading them around the house. We find high heels on the dining room chairs, running shoes behind the couch, and boots beside the bed. And she tries to put the shoes (or socks she find in the sock drawer) on our feet by carefully balancing them on our feet. She likes when she can convince me to put on two different high heels while I'm still in my pjs. :)

Since I can't post any current pictures of Ada, I'll put up this one of Ada celebrating her 12 months with her last monthly beer. She has a "Growler", which is from the Mill Street Brewery (in the Distillery District here in Toronto) which is basically a mix of all their beers from the bottom of the tanks. Pretty good! Ada liked the bottle! :)