Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My daughter, Tractor Tom

Ada has decided to take on new identities, three of them in total, depending on her mood. Strangely, all three are names of sentient modes of transportation. First was "Chuggington", or "Little Red Chuggington", based on a 10 minute British show that she happened to catch one Saturday on Treehouse. She spent most of the week asking to see "the other train show" (as opposed to Thomas the Tank Engine), and when I finally figured out it was a new show called Chuggington she became obsessed. When I said to her "Come to the table, Ada!", she would correct me, in her best insulted teenager voice "Come to the table, LITTLE RED CHUGGINGTON, mommy!" Even when she referred to herself in her cute 3rd person way, she would say "Ada, no, Little Red Chuggington go upstairs!" I was glad when she allowed me to drop the "Little Red" and call her just "Chuggington", but it was still a mouthful, especially after 2 1/2 years of simple "Ada". Next came "Tractor Tom", from another 10 minute British show that we found at the library. "Good night, Ada!" "No mommy, Good night, Tractor Tom!" At least it was easier to say. Then it was "Lightening McQueen", from the Disney movie "Cars". This was an influence from her favourite 3 year old, Liam, and yet another mouthful for both of us. I think that's why she has moved back to "Tractor Tom". So, between a train, a tractor, or a race car, she seems to have settle on the talking tractor regularly saving the day within 10 minutes of the crisis. Not a bad role model, I suppose. :)

Here she is after international day at the parenting centre, wearing the same kilt my sister and I each wore when we were two.

Elliot's latest achievements: Learning to love to chew on Sophie, the ever-popular giraffe, and finding his soul-mate, the Jolly Jumper.


Blogger Sbell060 said...

The babies are lovely. Ada is your double Linda. She is also your Mothers double as a child.
aunt Anne

8:31 PM  
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